Are you a registered voter?

We talked of many things.


Tait told Kay she didn't have to worry about John anymore.


Is there anything to drink in the fridge?

When was the last time you felled a tree?

Are you serious about what you're saying?

The news was devastating.

Second thoughts are best.

I was compelled to follow her.

I have read three books since this morning.

What have you done with her?

Soldiers are trained to use weapons.

Sandeep likes redheads.

Boys and girls were parading along the street.

I know a guy who has never seen snow.

I expect see her again in the next summer.


I really have to be going now.


Harvey is going to college in Boston.


Milk is actually a little bit cheaper at the supermarket near Gabriel's house.

Hamilton's ideas were extreme.

You've saved my bacon for me.

He trusts us.

Maybe we should tell him.

I'm going to empty this cabinet so that you can use it.

Fun and games are over.

She's doing very well today.

One moment please, someone knocks on the door.

How was that possible?

I have not eaten anything in six days.

I want to cut down any avoidable costs.

That wouldn't be smart.

There's something else I need you to do.

Let's all settle down here.

They stopped laughing.

This medicine is not a poison in itself.

You should let the wine breathe for a few minutes before drinking it.

I want the details.

Do you want to go out or stay at home? Either is OK with me.

Rajarshi headed for the exit.

Is eating too much fiber bad for you?

She didn't try to evade the truth.

I'm going to get changed.

Manjeri certainly didn't expect anything like this.

That was an exciting game. Everybody was excited.

We discussed the matter at large.

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This is painful.

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I told him what happened.

The more you listen, the more you speak.

We ate tilapia and rice.

No thank you, I don't need a plastic bag.

What else do we have?

I liked him.

Are you in any pain?

The bank has branches in all parts of the country.

I guess they really weren't so busy.

Take more time off!

I play board games just to socialize.

Turkish is a very regular and logical language.

Seymour is standing at the window.

Don't you recognize that guy?

Today I'll meet with my meditation group.

This is exactly the book that I want to read.

He told me that she might well burst into tears.

Who asked for your opinion?

It's our job to help Edward.

I know where Vice left his umbrella.

It's hard to handle crying babies.

I didn't know why I wasn't supposed to visit that part of the city.

I'm out of work.

You can't get lost in big cities; there are maps everywhere!

Why didn't you listen to Pratap?

Death is a mysterious lady without compassion.

He finally got ahead of the rest of class.

I wonder why Jeffery didn't want to go to Boston with us.

She is schizophrenic.

I don't want you to be unhappy.

I think there's something in the box.


With Windows OS systems 'administrator account' corresponds to 'root'.


Calvin covered for you while you were in the hospital.

Netflix is now available in Europe.

Let's not play tennis.


Everything chose to go wrong during his absence.

There's nothing that cannot be done with money in this world.

Adlai often borrows money from his friends.

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She is a runner.

Did Jos pay, too?

Which do you like better, spring or fall?

How well does Olson speak French?

You're conceited.

I guess I'm wasting my time trying to convince Josh to help us.

I'll think of a way to do it.

There's no way I can do it.

Gary found Malus where he expected her to be.

I saw them dance once.

Brazil's population is much larger than that of other Portuguese-speaking countries.

He wrote his diary in broad Scots.

I got fired from the company, but since I have a little money saved up, for the time being, I won't have trouble with living expenses.

That would be a waste of her talent.

I remember seeing you all somewhere.

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The nest fell from the tree.


I don't want you to kill Bucky.

There are many housewives who complain about high prices.

I have an Asus laptop.

You won't regret this. I promise.

Jim thought Ronald's cooking was delicious.

I wonder why Blair left.

Our neighbours were forced to sell their house.


He left the last page blank.

Here's what we're going to do.

The scolars quarrel, and the case lies still unsolved in the hands of the judge.

Poverty drove him to steal.

She told me how it was wrong to steal.


The food and service are excellent.

This is not something I am proud of.

Hit the ball on the rise.

You are crazy to lend money to him.

Kent came by.

Leon helped himself to a cookie.

Can we trust anyone?


Let's move on.

There are many things that time does not heal.

Let's talk about it later, okay?

It was careless of you to leave your bag.

He's in the fourth year.

I think you've made the wrong decision.

Don't you remember who gave you that?

There's a fire down the hall.

This will not please Daddy.

I've thought a lot about this.

Get them over here right away.

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I said shut up.

I remembered one.

I'll take first watch.

They are always short of money.

Let's start over again.

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You need sleep as much as I do.


It probably won't be easy.

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Go get your passport.

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I'm going to leave the three of you alone.

The sailors were dancing on deck.

At night all cats are grey.

Pravin gave us everything he had.

Barrio went shopping with Debi last weekend.

Justin was shouting.

You seem to be way too busy.

She pleaded with him to stay a little bit longer.

There's a slim chance that Stagger will be late.

Would you rather wait outside?

I was expecting it to be a bad book, but damn me if it wasn't quite good after all.

You should think before you begin to speak.

She asked him out on a date, but he said no since he thought girls should not ask boys out.

Butler wanted to tell the truth.

We'll make a good team.

Father is in the habit of reading the paper before breakfast.

Joon isn't as fast as I am.

The light is changing from red to green.

Learning a new language is like meeting someone for the first time who always claims you are wrong, and worse - has the ability to prove it.


I should like to see the trees from which you picked these apples.


Dan didn't want to write about the incident in the local newspaper.


I wish you'd stop calling me your boyfriend.

I have to find him.

I've got to get back to the office.

We'll be friends.

He has a fair skin and hair.


You've frightened us.


They don't have completely clear ideas.

Can we interview him?

It was hard to believe.

Charlene and Reiner made their way through the crowd.

We ate until we were full.


We're not stubborn.

Let's make love.

How's any of this possible, Andries?